Thursday, April 7, 2011

Placebo Effects

Why the stigma?

I LOVE the placebo effect!  It is perfect evidence of the power of the mind. Further, it is evidence of the power of faith; of deep belief.  It doesn't matter what side of the coin you argue, the fact is that the things we believe absolutely affect the physical world we live in, and we've seen the effects over and over again. 

I believe that our trouble lies in trusting ourselves.  It is far easier to attribute our success to a miracle pill, luck, or even a higher power than ourselves.  In the placebo effect, there is no miracle pill (that's kinda the point).  Luck is ridiculously improbable.  And as for the higher power, well's how I see it.  If there is a higher power, whatever it/he/she is, trusts us enough to make our own decisions and create our own lives.  Why in heaven's name wouldn't we trust ourselves?  Are we mocking "God?"  We are trusted; we can trust ourselves.  Ah, but instead we trust the pill.  The other.

The body as a "glove," I do not subscribe to that idea.  Not one tiny little iota.  Spirit living separately inside an otherwise inanimate, ephemeral, fixed useless thing. Shudder.

Vehicle seems more appropriate.  Map, tool, expression, all these work as well.

All is energy, all is the Placebo. 

The Placebo Effect is not a phenomen, and it is not an illusion. It is as real as living, breathing life itself.

Next, please!

I'm feeling...happy!  Which is a really big deal...for me.  (Finding Nemo)

"Luckily, your competence enables you to handle things well enough that no one realizes you have escaped into the recesses of your own private universe."

How do they know?? Smile :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Morphic Resonance deserves some serious consideration.

The idea was boldly introduced in the early 1980's by Rupert Sheldrake (A New Science of Life).  Scientists still don't know what to do with it, as the results were not particularly quantifiable or even consistent, yet they were fascinating, surprising, and unquestionably warranting further research.  If I were to start a New Age religion of any sort, I would begin with Morphic Resonance and go from there ;)